kitchen cabinet designer melbourne


Often your dream kitchen will not be something selected from a catalogue, but something customised to the exact specifications of your unique ideas. Whether it’s something you’ve envisioned personally or drawn up with the help of a designer, Seytim can help you. We can create your kitchen cabinetry for you and even price it beforehand so you can decide whether or not to proceed. Perhaps you know what you want from your cabinetry but need help with optimising its layout in your kitchen.

For this, we can help you design and organise your existing kitchen space so that you end up with a kitchen that balances both practicality and aesthetically. We do all this using award-winning and highly advanced software before we pick up a single hammer or saw. It allows you to visualise your conceptualised kitchen realistically, so you can make any additional changes before we have anything custom made for you. This step is one that will save you time and money, so you don’t end up having to change your plans midway or exceed your allocated budget.

kitchen cabinet designer melbourne


When a customer approaches us with a vision, we use the same process from start to finish for a predictable, high-quality result. After all, our goals are to assist our customers in creating unique pieces of cabinetry that are different from what standard companies offer, which is standard mass production cabinets. We’ll start the process with rough sketches before creating drawings. The customer is involved at every stage, and we won’t move forward without them being 100% happy.

Once we’ve finalised a plan, we design it and do a rendering. This first set is then given to the client as a “shop drawing” or drawing for approval. Once this is complete, we’ll create a drawing for production that we can input into our CNC Machine. Every part of the project is designed and planned by our team, and we rely on top industry software such as CabMaster Pro, Planit and Cabinet Vision. We can also receive AutoCAD plans so if you’ve started a project with another company you can easily transfer it to us.