laundry cabinets


Our bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. At Seytim we believe that every client deserves a well-designed and well-planned one that meets their needs. We help our clients to develop and install custom bathroom cabinetry, taking into consideration the limited space that most bathrooms have. Our goal is to create the illusion of extra space, along with providing ample space for storage. Perhaps you need a vanity and mirror in your bathroom or need a full set of cabinets.

Whichever category you fall into, you can rest assured that Seytim can help. Unlike many other manufacturers, we understand the importance of balancing aesthetics and practicality. For this reason, we only work with water-resistant products and materials for our carcasses or doors, so that you never have to worry about water damage cutting short your cabinet’s lifespan. It means that your bathroom cabinets and vanity will last for ages in even the steamiest, busiest bathroom.

bathroom cabinetry


Your laundry room needs to be well organised and offer plenty of storage space. With Seytim, you can make the most of your dedicated laundry room, even if it’s just the area of your home where your washing machine and tumble dryer is. Having major appliances visible can be unsightly and take up space, which is why we can create bi-fold doors and pocket doors to hide them. This popular option is called the French style laundry, and it’s something chosen by homeowners who want to make their laundry look more attractive while still having enough space for everything that they might need.

Feel free to customise your laundry room to include storage areas for other frequently used cleaning items that you might want out of sight. We can create a customised broom and mop cabinet to store all your cleaning materials and tools when not in use so that your home always looks neat and tidy and everything has its place.