About Us

When you need bespoke cabinetry or cupboards crafted for your home, it can be a challenge finding quality supplier – whether you’re a homeowner undertaking renovations or an architect or interior designer looking for the perfect finishing touch on behalf of a client. Seytim understands this, which is why our process and products are carefully created with a builder involved in a project on a client’s behalf. We understand that the right cabinets can make or break a room, so having us on your design and construction team means that we’ll take care with our work and pay attention to detail for an impressive result.

As an Australian manufacturer that has been providing products to select clients since the early nineties, we have the experience required to offer the best possible services and products in Melbourne. We’re proud of the trust and long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers and are happy to boast years of consistent client satisfaction and and peace of mind in our work.

Seytim is proud to be recognised as the go-to cabinet makers for upmarket homes all across Melbourne. When you work with us, you’re working with a highly trained team of experts, including designers, technical engineers, site managers, cabinet makers and installers. Thanks to the comprehensive set of skills at our disposal, we can put together your dream cabinetry using the best products on the market. We have partnerships with top companies around the world, including Blum, Hettich, Polytec, Laminex, Nikpol and more.

Our relationships with top international manufacturers allows us to provide an extensive range of finishes ranging from standard melamine boards and sophisticated veneers to custom-made timber and eco-friendly two pack finishes. As part of our business processes, we realise that we should be concerned about environmental standards and that we need to be consistently evolving our best practices in the direction of what’s best for the planet. To do this, we’ve taken steps to minimise waste. It benefits you as well, as it means you’ll receive the best prices for our products as we’ve optimised production to minimise the material needed for your one of a kind cabinetry project.